“Cake” is the new collection of accessories for Fall-Winter 2020/21 by Teresa Tonelli, it has got a gore design that reminds just of a slice of cake. A captivating and playful style that gives you a lift and infects with positive energy as when you enjoy a cake.

A soft felt is the material used to make this collection, it’s a vegan material respecting animals  and environment. Stitching and ruches are the central themes of this line, pompons are the last touch that underlines and personalizes these accessories in making them one-of-a-kind.

Shoulder bags and bucket bags are in natural shades such as white and dove grey and a note of blue completes the palette of this collection. Decorative cushions prove to be protagonists, they are round or square and they are handcrafted in the style of this collection for giving a cool and personal touch to every interior.

Once again the care for details, the handcraft quality and the limited edition production prove to be the value-add of this collection, for meeting the customers’ requirements, being them more and more interested in one-of-a-kind items.