“Your Initial” is the Fall-Winter 19/20 new collection by Teresa Tonelli, each item of this collection can be personalized with one’s initial charm that marks every single pattern.The idea is born to confirm and strengthen the trend of a style that is more and more individual, for expressing one’s identity and uniqueness first of all. Stitching and ruches mark the collection design in underlining shapes, patterns are made with soft felt, the colours chosen are white and anthracite, apple green and yellow, always coupled with anthracite. This collection consists of tote bags, backpacks, belt bags and decorative pillow covers that are the novelty for this season and can be a cool gift idea being customizable with the initial of who is receiving the present. The care for details, the handcraft quality and the limited edition production prove to be the value-add of each collection, for meeting the customers’ requirements who are more and more interested in one-of-a-kind, outstanding items that underline the personality of those who choose them.